Finding a Work-Life Balance When You Work in the Education Industry

For individuals working in the education industry, maintaining a healthy balance between work and a personal life can be tricky. Not only are educational professionals responsible for the loved ones at home, but they are also taking on many responsibilities for others at the job as well. At times, balancing is more of a juggling act of various demands and expectations, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Bring enjoyment and balance to your life with five easy routines. Start tracking your time to see how you are actually spending your time – and then create a plan that balances it better. Think about how much attention and devotion you give to yourself and your priorities. Here’s how to get started:


1. Monitor your health

You will be of no use to your coworkers or your family if you are constantly tired and unhealthy. You are understandably strapped for time, which means your body is likely the first thing to suffer. When you are overwhelmed, your stress levels go up, nutrition and activity levels decline, and your sleep slowly diminishes. Purchasing a health-monitoring band will help you monitor and control your health better. It is very important that you incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine: stop working by a specific time so you can sleep, take the stairs instead of the elevator, avoid the morning sugar-loaded coffee drink, avoid the donut and bagel tray, and always carry water around with you.

2. Prioritize

What means the most to you? Think about what it is you want to accomplish with your life and make that the number one item on your priority list. After you make the first commitment, consider the second, third, fourth, and fifth most important things you want to focus on. If your family is a priority, make a conscious effort to include them on your list and remind yourself of your dedication to your family. Do not forget that downtime can be an invaluable priority on your list, and don’t forget to say “NO” when you have too many things to do!

3. Start the morning off right

Mornings are critical at home and at your place of work. Many professionals find that a family meeting is just as helpful as an office meeting. Make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what is expected of him/her. Use the morning to ready yourself, your coworkers, and your loved ones for the day. A creative and engaging family meeting will set the tone for a better, well organized day; it also gives your family members the attention and voices they deserve in the family as well.

4. Motivate the ones around you

Your leadership is important at work and in your family. You are responsible for making sure your employees and your family members are energized, engaged and productive. You can accomplish this by motivating them and providing the leadership example your family and workers need to complete goals and projects.

5. Remember your goals

Keep reminding yourself why it is you are doing what you are doing. If you are reading this, family and your personal life are very important. As an educational professional, your work is also a passion of yours. Keep that in mind when you are around your family. When you are at work, focus on work. However, when you are at home, that is family time. Unplug, read a book, ask about your loved ones days, and share a meal together if you can. Learn to separate the two important areas of your life and you will start to experience a better work/life balance overall.