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4 Tips To Help Market Your Brewery

Marketing your business involves creativity, communication, and a lot of dedication and hard work. Customers and potential customers are not only looking for a great product, but they’re also looking for a great company that wants to earn their business and loyalty to their brand. Here are 4 tips to help market your brewery.   […]

3 Top Advantages of Having a Digital Curriculum

In our digital society, everyone communicates, learns, and explores across countless technological platforms. The 21st century student now has access to several online tools including digital textbooks as well as ways to map out their digital curriculum effectively, in order to suit their learning needs. Here are some of the advantages of this progressing technology: […]

Tips for Improving Guest Experience at Your Hotel

Let’s jog through the hotel booking process. These days travelers are pulling up their smartphones, choosing the specific benefits they want, pining for the best deal, and reading reviews before they even pull the credit card out. What sets a 4-star and 5-star reviewed hotel apart from all of the others? One answer—customer experience. In […]

5 Ways Schools Save Money with Technology

Regularly, decisions are made to cut funding for schools. According to a recent study, Kentucky has cut at least 11.4 percent between 2008 and 2015 school years, but it isn’t the worst state. Oklahoma has cut investments on education by as much as 24 percent per student. We are a country of innovation and recovery, […]

How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Hotel Save Money

When you’re working in the hospitality industry, you’re often focused on your guests. You probably already know – their happiness can determine whether or not your hotel fails or succeeds. Your potential guests may be considering your hotel, but what if they’re unsure of whether or not your hotel meets their needs? Good news: with […]

Ways Schools are Using the Cloud-Based Office 365

The All New Microsoft Office 365 Office 365 is the latest release of “office suite” software from Microsoft. In years past we used Microsoft Office, however this latest release is vastly different. Office 365 brings a variety valuable features for school and students, and is going to be a major game changer for teachers and […]

PCI Compliance and Why Your Hotel Can’t Ignore It

You’re probably already aware – PCI Compliance is a set of checks and measures that credit card companies require certain businesses to comply with. Not only that – PCI Compliance is absolutely necessary for your hotel. Don’t believe me? Let’s think about a few consequences you could suffer if you AREN’T PCI Compliant: Losing your […]