Getting the new iPhone? Here’s What to Do With your Old iPhone

Recently, Apple released a much anticipated new iPhone – the iPhone 6. Die hard iPhone fans scooped up the new device with over 10 million orders in the days following its release. So, what can you do with your old iPhone short of selling it? Here are some suggestions to keep your old iPhone usable.

Use your old iPhone for Fitness

One primary feature of the iPhone is that it also doubles as an iPod. This is not lost once the old iPhone loses cell phone service. Your old iPhone can still connect to Bluetooth and be used in the car or at home to play music. This can be seen as especially useful for workouts and bringing your old iPhone places that you might not want to bring your old iPhone. By using your old iPhone as an iPod you won’t be obligated to fill your new iPhone up with songs. That space can be used by other applications.

If you do choose to bring your old iPhone to the gym there are a wide variety of apps that allow you to track work outs. Various apps even provide you daily works outs. You are able to plans meals and track your daily nutritional intake. By using the plethora of apps gears toward health and physical fitness you will be able to meet your goals. In addition, there are apps that can be useful for other hobbies such as hiking or mapping your progress as you run.

iPhone Apps are Useful Educational Tools

Phones are expensive, and parents do not typically allow their children to play with their phones. Downloading educational apps on your old iPhone can teach your children responsibility while they learn! This also ensures that there are no accidental purchases or phone calls made, which can be problematic when parents share their phone with their children. Often times apps can be used that pair with what your child is learning in school.

Another unconventional way to use your old iPhone is to turn it in to a way to manage finances and spending. In addition to apps that let you log your everyday spending, there are also apps that allow you to manage grocery bills, stock up on coupons and compare product prices at your local stores. Some stores have their own apps, while other apps give you a comparison of many store prices, coupons, sales and deals.

Your old iPhone can prove to be extremely useful. Don’t miss out by trading it in or using it as an alarm clock!

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