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How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Hotel Save Money

When you’re working in the hospitality industry, you’re often focused on your guests. You probably already know – their happiness can determine whether or not your hotel fails or succeeds.

Your potential guests may be considering your hotel, but what if they’re unsure of whether or not your hotel meets their needs?

Good news: with cloud computing, you can not only better meet your guests’ needs – you can SAVE money at the same time!

Here’s how:

Decreased electricity costs

Without cloud computing, you’re stuck with a data center that includes servers. Those servers require maintenance and care – and that can REALLY run up your electricity bill. When you transition to the cloud, your data is stored offsite, so you can cut your energy use in a major way! That means, your electricity bill will be lowered considerably.

Avoiding capital costs

With the cloud, you avoid any upfront fees for equipment and staffing to implement your technology. You can also take advantage of the latest technology to make sure your guests are happy and served efficiently.

Reduction of downtime

If you move to cloud-based IT support, you gain engineers that are available to help you around the clock. No more waiting until the next day to resolve an issue (which can be frustrating for both you and your guests!). You can feel confident knowing that your IT problems can be resolved quickly and at any time and knowing that reduced downtime is helping you save money.

Overall, if you’re looking to save money at your hotel, cloud computing is a no-brainer!

Here at LIMOTTA IT, our cloud computing solution is called Hospitality Cloud Plus. Not only does it offer you all of the above benefits – it also helps you drastically improve the guest experience, expand your property’s bookings, and reach your goals more quickly.

We want to get to know YOU, discover your hotel’s specific needs, and provide you with the best cloud solution possible. We’re experts in hospitality infrastructures, so you can rest assured that we’re equipped to make it happen.

So, let’s talk! Contact LIMOTTA IT today, and let’s work together to improve the guest experience at your hotel using technology.


pci compliance

PCI Compliance and Why Your Hotel Can’t Ignore It

You’re probably already aware – PCI Compliance is a set of checks and measures that credit card companies require certain businesses to comply with. Not only that – PCI Compliance is absolutely necessary for your hotel.

Don’t believe me? Let’s think about a few consequences you could suffer if you AREN’T PCI Compliant:

  • Losing your customers’ trust and business – Think about it. If your customers don’t believe that their personal data is safe with them, do you REALLY expect them to continue doing business with you? Probably not. Put yourself in their shoes – no one wants to feel like their data is at risk.
  • Facing costly government fines – You could face up to $500,000 in fines if you aren’t PCI complaint. Yes, you read that right – 5 zeroes in that figure! That’s a LOT of money to lose for your hotel, especially over something so easily preventable.
  • Dealing with a huge hassle – If you are found to be non-compliant, you’ll first get a letter from a credit card company that informs you of the security breach. Next, you’ll have to respond with the appropriate documentation. Then, you’ll have to follow the steps in a packet you’re sent, which can include an analysis by a third party forensic company. You will also likely face fines and you must ensure the credit card issuer that no more issues will occur. Overall, it’s a big hassle that will cause you to become distracted from your job and less productive.
  • Increased card processing fees – If you aren’t complying with the PCI standards in your industry, certain credit card companies may increase your processing fees.
  • Bad publicity and tarnished reputation– Think about it. Can you remember a recent news headline that talked about how a major retailer compromised customer data? Probably so – it isn’t really a rare occurrence. And you know what the next headline involving that retailer will probably state? How they’ve lost profits and business due to the security issue. Don’t become the next headline – become PCI compliant and STAY that way.


Not sure if your hotel is PCI compliant? That’s okay – we’re here to help. Our experts at LIMOTTA IT want to protect your hotel by providing you with the solutions you need to become PCI compliant and stay PCI compliant.

You’ve worked hard to propel your hotel toward success – why not take one simple step to STAY successful?

Contact LIMOTTA IT today, and let’s talk about it.

the internet

How The Internet Has Changed The Way We Live

As I sit down to write this, I realize that I am using my internet connection to write this post, stream my music, check my Facebook updates, pay bills online, and wait for a video call from a coworker. In my office chair, I am surrounded by everything that I need to function on a daily basis, and that’s thanks to the internet.

The internet celebrated its 25th birthday this year, and it has accomplished a lot by the middle of its twenties. According to Socialnomics, an estimated 2.4 billion people go online each day; 600 million websites are online; and 500 million Tweets are sent every day. The internet has completely transformed the way people live their lives, so what are the billions of people doing each day?


Building relationships

The internet allows us to “talk,” without ever having to get on the phone. It seems as if our phones are simply around so we can avoid the people we don’t want to talk to, while texting and tweeting the ones we do. Old flames are connecting; families are communicating more; friends never have to go without seeing each other; and professional connections can flourish. There has also been a spike in online dating; no more awkward pickup lines at the bar and strange blind dates set up by your friends, who are certain they found someone who is “perfect for you.”

Shopping online

When was the last time you bought something online? If you are like many of us, it was probably in the last week or even the last hour. We can read reviews, research ratings, find the best price, and pay for an item without having to put on shoes.

Communicating face-to-face

Video calling has been taken out of boardroom and put in the palm of our hands and on our home computers. We can connect with friends, family and coworkers in nearly every corner of the world. Face-to-face communication has also made it possible to connect with members of the military when they are away from home.


We can work while drinking coffee or going to the bathroom. The internet allows us to do more at once and from different devices. You can work in one screen, follow a recipe in another, and update social media.

Diagnosing illnesses

Come on, we have all done it. Sometimes sites like WebMD reassure us that yes, in fact, we are as sick as we think we are. According to the Washington Post, 72% of users go online to self-diagnose, and 50% of doctors do as well. Let that sit with you for a moment.

Keeping up-to-date on everyone and everything

The internet has taken away the wonderment that is a personal life. We know everything about everyone, and at any given moment of the day. We know what our friends and our favorite celebrities had for breakfast.


We don’t have to stroll through the endless lines of movie rentals and CD cases. Thanks to the net, we can watch television and movies whenever we want, and we can listen to an endless supply of music. Not to mention, we don’t have to buy an entire CD just to listen to the only one good song.

Avoiding bank lines

Another favorite feature is online banking. With a click of a button, we can pay a good majority of our bills online, send people money, and request money from others. We don’t have to stand in long lines or wait a week for a check to clear. Apple Pay and Google Wallet have also made it easier to pay for goods and services without shuffling for the credit card.