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PCI Compliance and Why Your Hotel Can’t Ignore It

You’re probably already aware – PCI Compliance is a set of checks and measures that credit card companies require certain businesses to comply with. Not only that – PCI Compliance is absolutely necessary for your hotel.

Don’t believe me? Let’s think about a few consequences you could suffer if you AREN’T PCI Compliant:

  • Losing your customers’ trust and business – Think about it. If your customers don’t believe that their personal data is safe with them, do you REALLY expect them to continue doing business with you? Probably not. Put yourself in their shoes – no one wants to feel like their data is at risk.
  • Facing costly government fines – You could face up to $500,000 in fines if you aren’t PCI complaint. Yes, you read that right – 5 zeroes in that figure! That’s a LOT of money to lose for your hotel, especially over something so easily preventable.
  • Dealing with a huge hassle – If you are found to be non-compliant, you’ll first get a letter from a credit card company that informs you of the security breach. Next, you’ll have to respond with the appropriate documentation. Then, you’ll have to follow the steps in a packet you’re sent, which can include an analysis by a third party forensic company. You will also likely face fines and you must ensure the credit card issuer that no more issues will occur. Overall, it’s a big hassle that will cause you to become distracted from your job and less productive.
  • Increased card processing fees – If you aren’t complying with the PCI standards in your industry, certain credit card companies may increase your processing fees.
  • Bad publicity and tarnished reputation– Think about it. Can you remember a recent news headline that talked about how a major retailer compromised customer data? Probably so – it isn’t really a rare occurrence. And you know what the next headline involving that retailer will probably state? How they’ve lost profits and business due to the security issue. Don’t become the next headline – become PCI compliant and STAY that way.


Not sure if your hotel is PCI compliant? That’s okay – we’re here to help. Our experts at LIMOTTA IT want to protect your hotel by providing you with the solutions you need to become PCI compliant and stay PCI compliant.

You’ve worked hard to propel your hotel toward success – why not take one simple step to STAY successful?

Contact LIMOTTA IT today, and let’s talk about it.

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